Hi friends! Ariella here from Wyland. Thanks so much for dropping by and checking out our new music blog, Alternative Milk. We wanted a way to connect you with the incredible artists we meet on the road and to also share the artists that inspire us daily — hoping that they will inspire you, too. We’re always looking for new music suggestions, so please don’t hesitate to give us a shout and send us a song or two you love.

To start this off, I’m sharing our Sounds from Nowhere playlist on Spotify — a collection of sometimes sad, sometimes groovy, mostly vibey songs that inspired our newest EP, IN A CIRCUITRY OF LONELY.


The guys and I have also shared one track each on the homepage that we’re currently obsessing over. As you get to know us you’ll see we have a pretty… colorful taste in music. But we’ll save the madness for our second or third date.

Lastly — the main attraction! — we would like to introduce you to our friends, LONG RANGE HUSTLE. We met these lovely gentlemen this summer at the MILE OF MUSIC FESTIVAL in Appleton, Wisconsin. They were actually the first band we met! Call it love at first sight. The Canadian five-piece swooned us with their wild energy and insanely fun tunes. Here is my personal pick — “Morning Clover”.


You can connect with them here:

Instagram: @longrangehustlemusic
Twitter: longrangehustle
And on Spotify

x Ariella

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